Bakreste se qeneheleng

Bakreste se qeneheleng

I went through the search terms most used to get to my website and blog and found that “Sikhushulwa kanjani isithunywa” was a common search term. For those of you ba buang Sesotho feela, potso ena e re “Ana lengeloi la seporofeto le phahamiswa jwang?”

There’s no simple answer to this question. Therefore, I’ll answer it as best as I can.

The first way in which this process is done is ho kena teroneng. Terone is the Sesotho term for a throne. The throne represents a heavenly/holy place called diahelo. Diahelo is the home of a prophet or prophetess who runs a traditional church from their home or someone who is a prophet/prophetess that has ascended to the position of helping others heal their sickness (ingulo). I know this method of working from Lesotho. It’s very common in Lesotho, for a person gifted ka boporofeta to pack their life and go live diahelong for a period of 7 days. During these 7 days, they’re taught how to pray, divine and to bless water, candles and diwasho. In Sesotho, sewasho is typically a soil found in nature, that is imbued with healing energy. I don’t know what anyone else deems sewasho as, but that’s what I know it to be.

When the 7 days lapse, it doesn’t signal the end of your journey, no. The 7 days is an induction into this healing work and then you carry on and grow from there. A lot of rigorous prayer and fasting is required for you to ascend. These practices hone your discipline, but also force your ego to give way to Devine wisdom and healing (let me see you spell surrender for me. Good!)

The second method is that of seeking out a traditional African church. Examples include Apostolic or Zion churches (not to be confused with the Zionist movement). Your spirit will know when you’ve landed in the right church, but it’s always a good idea to ask your guides for direction. Here, they’ll teach you how to pray meaningfully, to channel messages of wisdom and guidance AND to deliver them to others who may be in need of them.

The third method is that of following the guidance from your dreams and doing this process primarily from home. You are guided chiefly by lengeloi/isithunywa and badimo/amadlozi. You fast, pray, visit portals in nature such as mountain tops, natural water sources, anthills etc. If there ever comes a time where you need the guidance of a more experienced prophet/prophetess, you will be guided in due course. Stay put.

The fourth method is that of taking ikhambi lesithunywa/ sethoto sa boporofeta. This is my favourite method because it’s structured. I like structure. I function well when there’s structure. Here, you are given a mixture of medicines that work at aligning your energy points aka chakras. Moriana ona o bula hlooho le sefuba (works on your heart, brow and crown chakras) and allows you to connect deeper with your emotions, your dreams and the spirit world.

Please note that in all these instances, you will most likely need the guidance of a more experienced elder. Lean on whoever you can trust (Le ba kgantshetse, please).

Lesedi ❤️❤️

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