I dreamt a dream

I dreamt a dream

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Dischem, like a true #GirlTalkZA participant, looking for that rosewater toner. I bought that along with other things I didn’t need, but that’s neither here nor there. I arrived home, excited to unpack and use my new purchases. Am I the only one who does this? I took a bath with my luxurious bath milk and nice things. I had placed my rosewater toner where I would easily find it, in plain sight. There I was, preparing to use it and I couldn’t find it. Like, it had disappeared. Ndayibhuqa ndancama. Of course I blamed my almost-4 year old and asked her where it was. “Mummy ha ke tsebe”, was her response. My child was telling the truth. She had no idea. I resigned myself to splashing my face with cold water and moisturising it, ke tswe ditabeng.

During the night, I dreamt of bonkgono le bo ntatemoholo laughing at me. They said I should look for that toner beneath my purple towel. They said they were pranking me for being too serious lately. That I must loosen up. Bathong. Nna? Serious? Hayibo :”D. I woke up in the morning and located the purple towel. It was hung behind my bedroom door and lo and behold, the rosewater toner. Beneath the infamous purple towel. Banna…I really did receive a PHA HOO! from amadlozi/badimo.

I am glad to report that I have since loosened my grips on the seriousness I wasn’t aware I had. My skin is glowing and I’m minding my business. You see how easy that is?

I digress. Sometimes dreams are not THAT serious.Sometimes they don’t mean a damn thing. Sometimes they do. I mean, if you dream of yourself eating poop, something is off akere? Would you, in your waking life, consume poop malovey? There’s obviously something you’re being shown there.

How could you tell that a dream carries a message? Perhaps the following guidelines could assist you in your pursuit to understand your dreams.

*How do you feel in the dream? Are you happy, sad, fearful, angry, envious, feeling whimsy?

*What’s being spoken about? Either through intent or words.

*Whom are you engaging with in the dream? How do they feel (to you)?

*What are you wearing? This is especially significant for dreams where meetlo/amasiko have to be carried. Death, birth,rite of passage, jwalo jwalo.

*Where are you? Kantle, katlung, naheng, mahaeng/emakhaya, mahaheng/in a cave(s) etc.

*What were you focused on the most?

Journal your dreams and try to answer the above questions when attempting to decipher the meaning. Dreams don’t always need to make sense to you, at that moment. They can be a message for later. They can carry a message to fix your shit and get things done. They can be a cry from your wounded child. They can be resolutions to past traumas/pain. They can mean absolutely nothing. Maybe you were thinking of that thing you dreamt of, pele o robala. You will know the difference as you grow in your practice of journaling your dreams, using the guidelines I have provided, or whatever suits you. The differences in significant and non-significant dreams are very subtle. They’re small, but not really, but really. Wabo?

In conclusion, phahla, journal and focus.

Lesedi bana ba thari e ntsho <3

Gogo Malepena

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  • Thokoza Gogo. I’m glad you said this because I tend to overthink my dreams. One dream I will never forget is getting off at a taxi rank & I asked the lady about someone and they pointed me towards a river bank & told me to wait. Did I not see tiny crocodiles lined up, suddenly a scaly tall bulky creature came out and I told him why I’m here and he said ok let’s go. Bathong Gogo, did he not hold my hand and lead me into the river? At that moment I really thought omg it’s happening, all those stories I heard about being thwasad underwater , I literally thought this is it. Because I was conscious in the dream I looked back , kinda worried that my parents will find me in a coma state when in actual fact, I’m in the water. I really thought I was gone gone. Then we get under water and I can see myself just being in a different world breathing at this point I can feel myself waking up because it’s so surreal – I just remember reaching a throne like place , a merman was sitting there and I was telling on my mom and sister to him. 😂😂 that’s all I remember telling him ♥️ Imagine all that drama just to tell on people. True!, sometimes dreams are just dreams . It was so special. I just thought I’d share.

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