Instill in me a discerning spirit

Instill in me a discerning spirit

*sigh* The big D, discernment. The thing that saves you from bad decisions and mingling with people you probably shouldn’t be mingling with. A lot of us are lazy to utilize this ‘spirit’ because we’re always searching for signs, but never willing to follow through with the signs. “OMG it’s so confusing, how do I know for sure?” Nguuuurl, if you don’t get out of here with your engineered confusion.

Discernment is a necessary tool for navigating life in general. In our formative years, discernment presents as a very strong gut feeling. Wailing when we feel terrified even though we cannot articulate why we’re terrified. Refusing to engage in play with a ‘mean’ child. As we grow into mid-late childhood, we start to notice people’s aurus. You can tell when a person makes you feel happy or sad. We move into our teenage years and for the majority of us, discernment flows out the window because our egoes are flexing. Not to worry because you’ll soon find your way back. Right? Not always.

You’re a young adult now and you know when you’re getting a weird vibe from someone. They unsettle you, make you feel sad, irritate you, bore you, whatever. There’s a vibe man. Some can see auras and discern from that. I don’t know how to explain seeing auras because it isn’t always colourful or distinct. You can glance at someone and notice that the edges of their physical body are sharp, wobbly, faded etc. This can tell you a lot about a person. If not, then listen to the tiny voice that says, “Be careful here. Don’t go all in.” We should have a very strong sense of discernment, but a lot of us do not. We go in blindly, even when the red flags smack us in the face. Sometimes, we flat out ignore this spirit of discernment to soothe ourselves. We’re all guilty of it. Sometimes it takes burning le ho oka maqeba for us to word wakker.

This brings me to my next point: bo Kans Vatter (chance takers) bo Malambane (broke bois and gals looking to make a quick, easy buck) and the dangerous gobelas and healers. They’re unscrupulous in their dealings. They don’t care for you, your healing or your ancestors. They will not handle you with kid gloves. They will fleece and hex you to their satisfaction. O tla tswa moo o le boputswa ba phepa.

You can go into a situation that requires a healer, despite not being familiar with the modalities of healing used by that healer. That’s okay. If your intuition tells you that something is amiss and you continue with the healing, making it rain paper on said poser and impostor then, hayike. Your guardians have given warnings and you do not heed them. The CTs (chance takers) chow your money, waste your time or harm you in other ways and now you’re saddled with self-blame, guilt and shame. It’s not your fault that you were scammed, but it’s your fault for forging on with a hopeless situation. Your guardians haven’t left you, you just haven’t listened very well.

The purpose of this post is not to elicit shame, guilt and blame in those who have been scammed, sometimes by very popular and well known chance takers. The aim is to let ya’ll know that beads and ancestral cloths are relatively affordable and that not everyone who wears them is invested in your well being or is a healer who knows what they’re doing with their life, never mind yours. Basically, not all that glitters is gold. You will encounter broke bois and gals who just want a quick buck and are seasoned scammers. You will encounter those abathweleyo, who have enlisted the services of sinister and low vibrational entities to give them power, money and fame. My friends. My friends. Use your spirit of discernment here, abeg. Your intuition will tell you when the poser you’re dealing with dabbles in darkness or not. Don’t compromise your well-being because you want to kiki with a well-known poser. Please eh.

Nina abathwasayo ke angazi ngithini kunina. All I can say is reevaluate and move out of whatever it is that is holding you back. Verstaan ons mekaar? I don’t want to say too much here ngoba yheyi.

Your intuition will never lead you astray, but you must also assist it by making decisions and acting on them. This post may be hella cryptic, but those with ears will heed my message.

Lesedi le kganya bana ba Rantsho.

Ke le kopela, mosa, mohau, lereko le tshireletso ❤️❤️

Gogo Malepena

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  • Thokoza Gogo
    I just recently found out about your blog and I’m learning a lot. Rea leboha
    Love & Light 🌻🕯

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