Nyanga Yami Ngiphengule

Nyanga Yami Ngiphengule

“Thokoza Gogo. Please refer me to someone in my city, Bloem is too far.”

Too far for ntoni, abeg?

Is there a real and tangible difference between a face-to-face and remote consultation/reading/divination?

Okay. I will start by asking this: Idlozi eliphengulayo likuphi? Is it located in a fixed geographic location? The answer is no. Idlozi lisegazini, likhuluma remotely *negojwana. What exactly do I mean by this? Idlozi speaks to us (izangoma) in the following ways: through our emotions/feeling maladies in our physical bodies (clairsentience); through clairaudience (the sense of hearing); through clairvision/clairvoyance (seeing through the third eye, located between the eyebrows); through claircogniton (think cognitive, mental faculties, ‘a knowing’ that is innate); through our sense of smell (clairscent); through our sense of taste (clairgustance);  and through our tactile sense (clairtangency). All of these perceptions happen at an extra-sensory level. They are not our own, but those of mokudi/patient/client.

By this logic ke, you need not be in the same room as isangoma/ngaka in order for them to perceive blockages, illness, abundance that is yet to come etc. in the client’s/patient’s life. It can be a remote divination/reading/consultation (move with the times, abeg) and you will still feel affirmed and guided.

Unless you want to see Gogo X face-to-face for whatever reason, then insist on it ke. Otherwise kuyafana nje. Whether with you ka seromong/endumbeni/es’godlweni or remotely (over the phone/skype), you will still receive guidance. Distance has no bearing on the quality of guidance you will receive. Siyezwana angithi? Sho


*igojwana- The human being who acts as a conduit for their guiding sedimo/amadlozi, namely isangoma/ngaka/igqirha.

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