O bitsa mang? Nna? Hake batle.

O bitsa mang? Nna? Hake batle.

“Thokoza Gogo, I am too young to do these things. I wanna finish my studies and travel and get married and raise children and and and …” LMAO! Good luck.

Honestly, all the best with that pursuit. Let me know how it goes, maybe I can take a chapter from your book. This very idea is egocentric in its nature. In other words, it is a decision made by your ego, from a very limited perspective, without taking into account that no one exists in isolation. Your body as a vessel has a purpose on this plane, but do not inflate YOUR importance as X, and think that your spiritual journey is something you can postpone until you have money, a nice house, a nice car, a loving partner, until the kids are older etc. The sooner you get your journey started, the better for your life.

Perhaps ungashweleza and ask badimo for an extension to pursue personal things, I’m shaking my head and laughing at the absurdity of this idea. Your life is already in disarray and you’re in a state of limbo, that no one but  yourself can get you out of. Why not align your thoughts and  intentions with the fact that you need to leave home at some point, an uncomfortable, but necessary occurrence for your healing and growth? Can you tell that this topic frustrates me? Can you see my fist resting esinqeni (on the waist) and me shaking my head?

Badimo focus on the bigger picture and dgaf about your personal, ego driven concerns. They need you to heal yourself and them and they do it with lots of love. Tough love, but love nonetheless. Come on man, don’t play yourself like this, o etsang?! Yes I am talking to you, wena who claims that you’re too young (really?); too this that and the other. Ok’salayo!

Can you tell that this is an urge, a plea, coming from a place of frustration and love? My cup overflows with love and I want to see everyone doing well mentally, spiritually and all the other alies. Come now, don’t be Ntate Jacob Zuma to your ancestors. You will kill them with high high.

On a more serious note, you can do this, you will do it and you will be supported tremendously. The support may not come in the ways your bougie, urban, selfcentric ego expects, but you will be supported. Lefehlong hase ha mmao, don’t even get it twisted. It will not be comfortable. It isn’t a vacation. You will purge a lot of unhealthy habits and you will heal. Your ego MUST die, for you to progress and give way to guidance and unearthly intelligence. Yes, your IQ is some bombastic number and no one cares ephehlweni. We just want your dlozi to express itself and for you to go home and heal. Akere?

Phahla, talk to your badimo/amadlozi, pray, meditate. When you’re done, make a decision and get this journey started. I say this with lots of love. Kganya le lesedi la badimo le be le wena ka mehla.



Gogo Malepena

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