Soooo, this is a story

Soooo, this is a story

This is the story of how I met my gobela.

In 2013, I started following her on twitter. I think I came across her tweets on an encounter with an extraterrestrial and her decription of said entity. I thought to myself, “Re hlanya re le bangata mos.” I was glad to know that I wasn’t imagining everything I had been going through since I was 13/14.

The first time I dreamt of her, she had come to me in Lesotho, wearing a red lion cloth, a red jacket, holding a red money box in her left hand. There was a box of Stuyvesant Red on her desk and she asked that I open the box and light one for her. When I looked at my hands, there were red and white beads. I had a red doek (headscarf) and white sepheka (a cape) on my shoulders. I knew this wasn’t a random dream, although it didn’t make much sense at the time. I figured, because she is isangoma and I would see her tweets and instagram posts, my subconscious was fusing everything together.

I then had a second dream, where we were shopping for beads and Barney. I didn’t know her in the physical world, but her mannerisms were spot on.  I journaled this dream and banked it for later. In the third dream, I was telling her about the benefits of twerking while pregnant and she was shaking her booty. We were laughing and sharing drinks and fruit. In the dream, I was in her backyard, as it was back then and I got an overwhelming sense of dejavu when I saw the back yard in real life.

Obviously,  by this time, badimo have bombarded me with messages and they’re waiting for things to click in my head and heart. When my gobela opened her calendar for bookings, I booked a consultation for 1st March 2016, 13:00. That would be a very significant event in my life. When I asked my gobela about the dreams I had had, she said amadlozi were showing me that we needed to chat. I took that at face value and didn’t interrogate or interact with it further. That night, I had a dream where I was staying in her lounge. I had just taken a bath and she said there was medicine she needed to administer to me before I slept. That’s when that chat she spoke about made sense. In very few words, she had told me that she would become my gobela. Since becoming isangoma, I understand the ethical issues linked with ukushela abantu(telling people to come see you).

If you’re still in search of your gobela and you aren’t getting the dreams you need, perhaps there’s a bigger dlozi related issue that needs to be sorted. Start with amagobongo and see where that process leads you. Phahla, journal and exercise patience.

Thokozani <3

Gogo Malepena

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