You said divination?

You said divination?

I’ve come across a number of people who have seen that I offer distant readings/ divinations and they weren’t sure how it works. Others thought that I could do it via whatsapp/text. I could, but the quality of guidance would be hampered, ende nna I don’t have time to type a long thing.

What can you expect should you choose one of the 3 methods of consultation I offer?

1. Face-to-face:

This is the known and preferred method by a lot of people because that’s what has been offered over the ages. You physically go to your healer’s home and consult, as you sit across each other. You can ask questions, query revelations, ask for guidance etc.

It has a very personal element to it as there’s proximity and intimacy of sorts.

2. Telephonic

You will need:

A functional phone

Airtime (budget for an hour)

Earphones (optional, but highly recommended).

You place a phonecall, on your day and time of consultation. Just as you would ask questions in a face-to-face consultation, you can ask questions here too. The only difference is that you’re not in the same room. Rest assured that badimo need not be confined to a certain space and time for you to receive the guidance you need.

3. Skype:

Similar to option two, except that you can choose the voice or video option. It’s completely up to you. I don’t mind.

What can you expect from a consultation?

There’s a sequence I follow in my consultations.

The what, why and how?

First, it will be your present circumstances, your life as you’re currently experiencing it. So, the ‘what’ element of the consultation.

Second, would be going into the past, your childhood or formative years, or something that happened in a generation before you were born. We’d also look at how the past is affecting the present.

Third would be blockages presenting in your life. These could be emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual jwalo jwalo. Here, we also explore hidden enemies. This is the ‘why’ element of your consultation.

From these blockages, we would move onto ditharollo/izixazululo/resolutions. We’ll also explore how your life may be affected if you continue to sit with the blockages. Here, we look at ‘how’ you can move forward.

Ultimately, seeking a consultation is seeking direction, guidance or healing. Bring an open heart and mind, so that your time may be used up effectively.

My aim is to always deliver messages in a loving and respectful manner. I hope that when you walk away from a consultation, you feel affirmed, seen and heard. I would also hope that, even if scary aspects come up, you would be able to navigate through the uncertainty because of the guidance provided.

Lastly, the only thing that cannot be reversed or fixed is death of the physical body.

Ebe kgotso bana ba thari e ntsho ❤️

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